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Owner-Marketing & Communications

Marie D'Costa

Marie D'Costa entered into this partnership with her husband, Pete, whose passion for the equestrian lifestyle brought them and their family to New Jersey's Hunterdon County. Building this business together, Marie brings her enthusiasm for the equestrian lifestyle and business acumen. Creating a haven for lovers of all equestrian disciplines propelled Marie to build a business and a home together with her partner and spouse. After nearly a decade and a half, Freedom Farm continues to provide her with a sense of pride and motivation to make sure Freedom Farm's clients receive the best possible attention and that their needs are at the forefront of the enterprise. It will be her pleasure to welcome you to Kingwood Township, NJ and to show you the facility that she calls home.


Please feel free to contact Marie at 908.996.0911 or via email.


Pete D'Costa

Pete D'Costa started this business with one raison d'etre:  To create an equestrian facility that would welcome EVERYONE.  Freedom Farm looks at the individual, whose equestrian interests might match Pete's interests, which  run the gamut, from dressage, to hunter-jumper, to polo, to leisure riding, and more.  Why shouldn't Freedom Farm's clients' interests be the same?  Pete  is a hands-on owner of this high-end facility, who always strives to provide the best service and the best quality product.  He is an avid horse enthusiast who looks forward to welcoming you to Freedom Farm.


Pete is always available to answer any of your questions at 908.996.0911 or via email.

In-House Trainer

Lauren Chumley Dressage

Lauren Chumley's passion with horses dates back to when she was just 12 years old.  She began her showing career in dressage at age 14, and her love of horses and the beauty of dressage have never dwindled.  Her understanding of the innate equine behavior and biomechanics of successful horsemanship, have made her a much sought-after trainer in dressage.  Freedom Farm is thrilled to have Lauren Chumley Dressage as part of its in-house operations.

Lauren brings top-notch instruction to all riders, from basic riding lessons to dressage training at the FEI levels.  She also offers clinics and sales service, and enjoys finding the right horse for the rider.  She still enjoys taking jumping lessons to strengthen her skill-set in eventing--her "favorite hobby."  She has worked with renowned dressage trainers prior to launching her own business in 2011.  Having worked for such masters in the field, allowed her to bring that knowledge and love of the equine arts to her students and their mounts.

Join her by contacting Lauren directly at 513-265-7586 or via email at Xhaltsalute@gmail.com, or by calling Freedom Farm at 908.996.0911 or contacting us via email.